American Airlines Challenge - Flight Enhancement

Thousands of people fly American each and every day. This awesome responsibility opens the door to incredible opportunities!

Build something that helps us elevate the customer travel experience, boost operational efficiencies and employee performance (baggage handling, gate agents, etc.), or enhance American’s brand image.

The American team will provide more details via Discord and Hangar.


1st Place: 75k AAdvantage Miles*
2nd Place: 50k AAdvantage Miles*
* Prize sums represent the total miles per team and the amount will be split evenly between all team members

Goldman Sachs Challenge - Investment Strategy


Goldman Sachs provides a wide range of financial services including investment management solutions across all major asset classes to a diverse set of institutional and individual clients. As such, among other things, we focus on a variety of macro, quantitative and research data to identify investment ideas and trends.
Retail investors have been on rise over the past couple of years. Retail investors are most likely to look beyond traditional stock fundamentals and are increasingly influenced by Social Media activity. Social media chatter and sentiments are significantly connected with stock price movements, retail flows and short selling activity. In fact, recent studies have shown that the majority of institutional investors also use social media as part of their regular work flow. Information obtained through social media has directly influenced an investment recommendation or decision.


The GS Challenge for the Hackathon proposes building co-relation between non-traditional fundamentals like social media chatter and activity, industry leader influences, trends/bubbles created by groups of retail investors etc, and their relation to performance of different types of asset classes including digital/crypto. We would like the participants to develop an investment platform that makes investment recommendations and trading strategy by leveraging data available on historic and current performance of investment products and data available from various outlets on social media activity, sentiment, chatter, influencers etc. You are encouraged to explore beyond the traditional metrics and research different ways this information could be presented as a critical tool, including possibly assigning ‘Social Ratings/Scores’ and tying this research to preferences that users might have based on their own investment history and risk tolerance.


First Place: DJ Mini SE Drones
Second Place: Apple Airpods
Third Place: Doordash Gift Cards

Capital One Challenge - Best Financial Hack

Capital One would like to challenge HackUTD to create the best financial hack. Money impacts much of our lives and we would like to promote change for good. The winning team members will be awarded $200 Amazon gift cards. (Prize is not available to international winners).

*If you are submitting a project to the Capital One ‘Best Financial Hack’ challenge, you must submit a 5-minute video to be considered.


1st Place: $200 Amazon Gift Cards

EOG Resources Challenge - Operations Optimization

EOG wells are constantly producing water and we need to find ways to reduce expenditures, as well as reuse and recycle water whenever possible. Your challenge is to use your creativity to develop an application which can process a steady stream of real-time sensor data to both optimize and visualize the distribution of water for our upstream operations. Oculus Quests will be awarded to the best team for this category. Please come and see the EOG Resources team for more details!


Oculus Quests

Checkout our github for more info here!

StateFarm Challenge - 100-Year Anniversary

State Farm’s 100-year anniversary is in 2022. Over the years we have continued to add products to better help our customers. Your challenge is to identify and build out a new tech product or service State Farm could provide to its customers as a “value add”. While State Farm is primarily in the insurance and financial services industry, do not feel limited to those product lines.


1st place: iPad Air 64 GB
2nd place: Oculus Quest 2 128 GB
3rd place: Logitech Mechanical Keyboard

Student Government Challenge - Improving Student Life

Build for UT Dallas Students: Build an app (either mobile or web) that makes UTD Student life better.

This challenge will be judged by the Office of Information Technology, with prizes being awarded to UTD students only.


First Place: 10.2 inch iPads
Second Place: Airpod Pros

Project Nebula Challenge

Project Nebula is an initiative to build tools that help students. We have teams actively developing several projects, including a comprehensive degree planning tool, a personalized guide for UTD students, and the Nebula API⁠—a public API to retrieve UTD data such as course information, degree plan requirements, and historical grade data.

Your challenge is to build a tool using the Nebula API that helps students during their time in college. Think big: we envision dashboards, interactive planners, and chatbots, but we encourage you to dig deep and build something really cool and creative.

Only currently enrolled UTD students are eligible to participate in this challenge. All students who submit a project for this challenge will be considered for an interview to join our maintainer team.

Your project will be evaluated on:
  • Student usefulness
  • Novelty and creativity
  • Project functionality


The winning team will be given Corsair mechanical keyboards, an honorable mention on our website, and a meeting with us to help grow their idea.